Instruments: Vocals, Violin, Sarangi, Taus, Dilruba, Rabab, Piano

Davinder Partap Singh, the eldest of The Partap Brothers, was born in Sangrur, Punjab on January 4th, 1955. At only 10 years old, Davinder embarked on a life of musical study and spiritual exploration. As a student of the prestigious Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa School in New Delhi, Davinder learned to confront the challenges of performance and practice. Once, when his entire school was congregated for daily prayers, Davinder did not meet the expectations of his music teacher. As a result, his music teacher reprimanded him before his fellow students. The teacher, instantly regretting his rashness, apologized to Davinder, stating that it was only because he expected more from him. His teacher blessed him by saying, “May your every performance shine with luminosity”. Though it may have been a painful moment, these words are inscribed on Davinder’s heart.

In his teenage years, Davinder accompanied his father, Sant Partap Singh (a musical icon in his own right) on travels to perform in India and abroad. In 1969, Davinder was the youngest musician in history to receive first prize in the Guru Nanak Dev University contest of 1969, held on the occasion of Guru Nanak’s 500th birthday.

Through his passion for string instruments, he mastered the violin, the sarangi, the dilruba, taus, and rabab. Upon completing his formal education, Sant Partap Singh Ji invited Davinder to perform with him on a full time basis. Over the years, Davinder has been credited with reintroducing complex Taals (or beat cycles) in Gurmat Sangeet. He is known internationally as a master of the genre and carries his own unique style.

Davinder traveled to Canada in 1978 to tour the nation with his brother Mohinder and father, Sant Partap Singh Ji. In 1980, Davinder settled in the United States, later marrying Preetinder Kaur, with whom Davinder has four beautiful and successful children. Davinder has had the immense privilege of performing on every continent, and in all 50 states. While exploring the world as a musical ambassador of the Sikh people was a great honor, coming to the United States to live and share his music was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Today, his life duties fulfilled, Davinder can focus full-heartedly on music. He desires little else than the time to practice and perform, believing that spiritual music will leave the world a more peaceful, unified, and spiritually elevated place.

His greatest inspirations were, and always will be, his mother, Jaswant Kaur, herself a great vocalist, and his teacher, the great Jagjit Singh Taras. Although Davinder took The Partap Brothers to new heights, he still credits his musical journey to his father, the great Sant Partap Singh Ji.