Instruments: Tabla, Sitar

Mohinder Partap Singh was born in Sangrur, in the Indian state of Punjab in October, 1957. The 6th of 8 brothers and sisters, he began learning tabla at the age of 6, later mastering sitar and harmonium. He recalls rigorous practice sessions in his youth that lasted more than 4 hours. His father, the great Sant Partap Singh Ji, and his brother, Davinder, were the source of his instruction and inspiration. Emerging from these sessions with immense stamina, Mohinder’s virtuosity has since impressed audiences from Japan to Kenya, Singapore to Australia, Finland to Malaysia, Thailand to Saudi Arabia, as well as across all 50 American states. Over the years, he has mastered various challenging Taals, including the Inder Taal, Ardh Sikhar Taal, and many other complex Taals. Mohinder’s range, flexibility, confidence, and energy are evident in his performances.

In 1988, Mohinder married Kawanjit Singh, with whom he raised two beautiful and successful children in Youngstown, New York. Besides playing music, Mohinder enjoys communing with the natural world (he is an animal rights advocate and conservationist), as well as reading Urdu and Punjabi poetry, and cooking, an art he learned from his mother, Jaswant Kaur. He insists on preparing his own meals with fresh ingredients, fondly remembering his mother sneaking him extra food as a child. His mother, who came from a large, prominent Sikh family, also instilled in him a love of singing and the musical life.

At 59, Mohinder has come to realize what it truly means to listen and learn. He’s become particularly receptive to the influence of his brother Davinder, who has encouraged him to pioneer innovative techniques and styles of performance. Reciprocating this encouragement, Mohinder’s positivity and focused lifestyle are a source of energy and stability for The Partap Brothers. Mohinder believes in eating healthy, sleeping well, and approaching every day as if it were your first, but enjoying it as if it were your last. He firmly believes that living in the present moment should be the way of life for everybody, as it is for him.

His greatest inspiration is his family. Mohinder credits his brother Davinder for having taught him to treat his fellow men and women with love and respect, no matter their age or status. Although Mohinder and his brothers are unique individuals, each with their respective skills and passions, they unite in performance completely with mind, body, and soul in every performance.